Tyra C. Owens

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Who is Tyra C. Owens?

"Poetry is at the center of me. So I freak letters and words to birth imagery in hopes that its conception delivers more meaning to my reality. More simply, I write; I influence; I love and this is my marvelous testimony."                                                     --Tyra C. Owens  

A Word From the Lyrically Wise...

Tyra Owens is a woman that wears many hats and born in the midst of the big city, Chicago, the wind has never swayed her from wearing any of them. While working at an elementary and high school, she obtained her Masters Degree in Sociology and managed to advocate for children’s education and women’s rights. She’s a community volunteer and her community stretches further than the streets of East Side Chicago. She has volunteered in Atlanta and during her travels across seas while studying in Cape town and Cairo. Her love for the community has even trickled onto the stage; she has starred in Denison University’s “For Colored Girls” and “Vagina Monologues." She has chaired so many organizations at her alma mater that their Black Student Union awarded her the Legends and Legacy “Dedication” Award two years in a row. She’s a vocalist and dancer and now her open heart dances with a voice like no other across the pages of her first book of written rhyme, “A Smothered Scripture."

--Ja'Vida Ford, friend and colleague