Tyra C. Owens

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A Smothered Scripture

A Smothered Scripture is a collection of poems

that celebrate my family background, culture, and quest for love. The 67 pages make up three chapters entitled: The Catalyst, which maps out my background with pieces of my family history; The Conversation, which is my discovery of Love; and The Consciousness, which consists of a few of my comments on Black culture in all its tests and triumphs. My hope is that you can connect your own life experiences to the anecdotes I describe within my poetry. Please enjoy A Smothered Scripture and share with others!

A Few Excerpts...

Spoken Word

Another poem 

In its purest form

Not worried about guidelines

No rhythm

No pentameters

No bounds to my poetry

Like words that just need to be written poetry....

Once it passes 

from my lips

Now belonging 

to only your ears

Read aloud


To My Idris

If you ever had any doubts,

my Black king, my Nubian prince,

let me tell you this:

There are three men.

One I've loved, one I've treasured,

one i can't get enough of.

All are one in the same in you,

my Black stallion

so free and untamed.

I keep my tears shed for you between me and God.

Your potential for greatness is immaculate and I want to be your apprentice, my prophet, my love. Teach me....

Model Citizens

Sing like Holiday of death's fruits.

March like Davis in your own shoes.

Read like Well and tell them all the news.

Get ready like Truth,

get free like Tubman 

and cool like Brooks....

Full poems can be found in A Smothered Scripture. 
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